Backing true entrepreneurs at
the earliest stage

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How we drive
True Growth

What we do
What we do

Direct Investments

We only invest at the earliest possible stage: at or before company foundation (“idea” or “angel” investment). We often lead investments or invest solo, but are equally happy to co-invest. Our initial ticket range is 100-500k EUR, with seven-digit follow-on capacity. We invest through a dedicated, committed fund vehicle.

Our ambition is to merge the best of angel and institutional investing. With True Growth, you will get an investor that is rooted in founder-driven angel investing yet augmented through an experienced and professional investment team and a dedicated fund.

Founding Investments

Being founders ourselves, we know that founders have only one shot. We want to make it count. Therefore we offer a 3 to 6 month paid project stipend and collaboration to validate an idea before company foundation. The idea can be yours, or you work on one of ours. During the time, we get to know each other better and if it is a match, we invest and provide runway for the first 12-18 months.

We want to work with risk-taking founders, not managers. This is why we prioritize founder incentivization through a variety of measures. Founders can expect clean contracts and cap tables. Syndication with co-investors is possible at any time, there is no exclusivity or strings attached. Talk to us to learn more about your trajectory with us.

What we look for
What we look for

We are specifically looking to invest in “true growth” cases. These are fast growing, yet relatively cash efficient business models, targeting an exit range at 50-200m EUR enterprise value. We think this is an often overlooked sweet spot below the VC radar that allows to minimise founder dilution, maximise founder control and boost chances of an actual cash exit to happen.

We believe that people are the core of every business – so they are the center of our investment decision. We are looking for entrepreneurial minds with the urge to make a difference with a non-trivial solution and the ability to build and lead exceptional teams.

We love consumer models that solve a “non-discretionary” issue. Anything that people not only want to, but need to have – at least once they are aware of the product. What particularly excites us are digitally uncontested (blue ocean) markets and products differentiated through excellent customer, sales and marketing journeys.  We do not invest in pure commerce or lead gen.

Based on our own entrepreneurial experience at Audibene, Packmatic, HomeToGo and other successful ventures, we are convinced there are no short-cuts when building a great company. That’s why we drive true growth: core business value and substantial topline and bottomline growth are much more important to us than yet another VC equity story.  

Aligned incentives
Aligned incentives

We are a small group of investors, all private money, with aligned interests in a professional set-up. We are (serial) founders and have been part of Germany’s digital ecosystem since its beginnings. We have been where you are and we’re here to share our best practices – transparent, accountable and results-driven.  

To us, "earliest stage" investing is the idea of providing strong operational input beyond financial capital. This usually is an individual and flexibly created combination of support in order to derisk product-market fit.

With our approach, there is a higher likelihood for life-changing founder outcomes. We want you to succeed - and we’re here to help you get there.

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